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Document Accessibility

EduInsip offers solutions for document accessibility that focus on designing and structuring documents in a way that enables effective use by individuals with disabilities. The company creates accessible documents that are equally readable to both sighted and low vision or non-sighted readers, ensuring that all users have equal access to the information.

EduInsip offers accessibility consulting services to help organizations ensure that their digital content and documents adhere to applicable accessibility standards and laws. By leveraging EduInsip's accessibility consulting services, organizations can ensure that their digital content and documents are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Type of Document Accessibility

PDF Accessibility

PDF accessibility services involve the conversion of PDF documents into formats and the correction of elements such as tagged heads, proper reading order, and other elements that may affect document accessibility.

Word Document Accessibility

Word documents can be made more accessible by converting them into formats such as accessible PDFs. By making Word documents accessible, a screen reader can access the content in a more organized and understandable manner.

PowerPoint Accessibility

PowerPoint accessibility services may include the use of accessibility features within PowerPoint, such as adding alternative text to images, creating clear headings and titles, and using appropriate color contrast.

Indesign Accessibility

InDesign accessibility can be made more accessible by exporting them as accessible PDFs, Tagged files, and epubs.

Quality Assurance

At EduInsip, we prioritize delivering high-quality document accessibility services by ensuring that all requirements are met. Our team strictly adheres to WCAG 2.1, ADA, and other relevant accessibility compliance guidelines and regulations when converting documents to the required output. By following these standards and regulations, we ensure that our clients receive accessible documents that meet the necessary accessibility requirements.
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