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EduInsip makes sure to choose tutors having the required qualifications and knowledge. For K-12, the minimum qualification of our tutors is a bachelor's degree and concerned course stream; whereas, for higher education, we only hire teachers who have completed their Master’s degree and Ph.D. Previous teaching experience also stays a major preference.

We have more than 20 teachers with expertise in different courses for our tutoring services.
Over the past few years, EduInsip has successfully conducted 900+ online sessions.
We have a growing family of satisfied clients around the country and various study modules.

Subjects Offering K-12 and College Level

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • English
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Customized Service Model

Under the supervision of our expert team leaders and subject matter experts, the teachers provide online tutoring from the office of EduInsip. In this service model, a fixed number of hours is decided to be followed throughout the year. The team leaders and other experts keep a check on the teaching methods and tutors to confirm that the quality is up to the mark.

EduInsip’s online tutoring services also allow the students to ask out questions if they get stuck somewhere while studying by setting a limit of questions based on the course and the difficulty level. The tutors provide answers to those questions within the 24-hour timeline and make sure that the students understand them. To know the limit of questions that can be asked, contact our team directly.

While tutoring from home, our teachers conduct the online sessions from the comfort of their homes. The benefit of choosing fixed hours or variable hours can be decided in this service model. In terms of operations and quality management, our team leaders and subject matter experts conduct regular meetings with the tutors either in the office (weekly) or through web conferences to get daily updates about the lessons. It is made sure that the tutors are informed about new policies and trained well to teach the students as well.

With the changing pace of studies, it has become hard for parents to understand and provide their children with the required help in their homework. Fortunately, the team of EduInsip got you covered in this area as well. Our teachers also help in providing homework support to the students to successfully keep up with the outside-the-class knowledge.

Why Choose Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team of experts plans the syllabus and course study as per the standard and understanding of the student to promise satisfactory results.

Dedicated Tutors

Teaching is also a process of learning in itself and our tutors dedicate themselves in improvising their teaching measures to help each and every student better.

24/7 Support

To make sure that the timings do not get burdensome for our clients and students, we provide 24*7 online tutoring support to fit the students’ timelines.

Initial Training Sessions

Online Tutoring is no rocket science but it is surely different from the traditional way of learning at tuition and therefore, we provide intensive training to our tutors to ensure quality sessions.

  • Our new teaching staff gets provided with the basic introduction of all the service modules, how online tutoring is different from traditional tutoring, and how to engage well with the students, initiate active participation from them, communicate clearly and clarify their doubts in a way they understand.
  • The Subject Matter Experts help the new as well as the existing tutors to stay updated on a course and the modifications as per the system such as NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, GCSE, CCSS, NGSS, and so on.
  • The tutors are supervised based on mock sessions and get training based on the reviews.
  • We also ensure that our staff is well informed about the HR policies, code of conduct, rules and regulations, safety, and operational conduct of the services.

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