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Content Development (K-12)

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Our services include content development for K-12 grade levels. The writing services, provided by us, are both standardized or customized according to your requirement.

In these services, we are specialized in providing school textbook development, textbook solution authoring, lesson plans, textbook video solutions, and lectures as well as practice papers and Q&A. Moreover, the video lectures and live Q&A are the additional services we provide as we understand the preference given to these services. With the ease of access and larger informative base, these services are particularly designed to provide an analytical view for the learners.

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Content Development Services

In these services, we are specialized in providing school textbook development, textbook solution authoring, lesson plans, textbook video solutions, and lectures as well as practice papers and Q&A.

The experts at EduInsip study the requirements of the clients closely and come up with the most appropriate textbook creation ideas. We also consider both print and e-learning material important for textbook creation. That is why, the service inclusions consist of the full range of content required by the client. The mandatory values and ideas also remain our priority in designing the textbook framework. Our experts create the textbooks in harmony with the learning standards.

Textbook Solution Manuals are a huge help for learners to answer textbook problems and questions. We at EduInsip understand the kind of responsibility we hold in providing these textbook solutions step-by-step. Our professional team of experts has qualifications in different subjects and they work on their specialized subjects only. They develop solutions by following the steps required for the solution authoring and keeping it simple and straight for the learners to understand.

Trends and Technology are changing and so is the way of learning in the academic field. With EduInsip you can also manage to grow with the change by using our Step by Step Video Solutions. Our experts are familiar with the needs of this technology and can provide real-time IT platform support to you. Moreover, we are well-equipped with the video gadgets, audio recorders, microphones, and other accessories required for a good quality video recording. These video solutions can be directly posted to the Client’s online platform within the promised time.

“The world is online” has become the new normal within the past few years and EduInsip has adapted to it too. We provide video solutions for textbook problems that can be accessed from anywhere at any given time. We are very well aware of the demand and upgradation of the solution authoring standards. Thus, our team also provides video solutions in simple ways which are easy to understand and grasp. Our video solutions include detailed infographics and chart-wise explanations. Moreover, we provide interactive video solutions which don’t drive the learners to boredom.

EduInsip provides both subject-centered and learner-centered curriculum development services to its clients. Our team keeps a close track of the syllabus as per the grade and creates study guides accordingly. All the important topics given in the syllabus are included in the design. The specific regulations and objectives for the learners are important while constructing specific curriculums. Thus, we make sure that our services are in accordance with the requirements. Our curriculum designs offer learning chances to all levels of learners and do not sacrifice content quality.

EduInsip do not just provide solutions to the existing questions of textbook and guidebooks, but also develop additional test banks and practice papers as well. These services are carried forward according to the guidelines provided by the clients and our experts make sure that the content is appropriate for the grade levels from K-12. These papers are developed considering the proper statistical measures to promise that the content is reliable.

Lesson Plans are very much different from the other content developed for the learners. This content needs to be innovative and engaging for the learners. At EduInsip, we focus more on improving the value provided by our content. Our team of Lesson Planners uses methods that are tried and tested well for developing the lesson plans. During the whole process, our team makes sure that the plan doesn’t become burdensome for the learners. Thus, we also focus on including fun elements without losing the essence of the main course.

With fast-paced learners, EduInsip has also modernized its way of teaching and providing video content for K-12 grade levels. The technology provides easy access to these video lectures but we also try that these lectures remain interesting and fun for the learners. Our experts and teachers constantly work on innovative teaching methods to make the lectures interesting. Moreover, we provide step-by-step solutions so that all levels of learners can easily grasp what has been taught in these lectures.

Quality Assurance

Our team provides the optimum level of quality by assuring that the requirements are fulfilled. We follow the guidelines and regulations strictly while developing the content. Our experts prepare the content according to the specific grade level in order for it to be suitable for the learners.
  • Well designed level based curriculums
  • Lesson plans to help both teachers and learners
  • Innovative video lectures for all subjects
  • Customized test banks adhered to guidelines
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At EduInsip, the hired Subject Matter Experts/Teachers have considerable qualifications for the specific subjects on which they work. They are specialized in their given subjects which is why we are able to provide step-by-step solutions in adherence to the standards required for the given grade level. Providing top-notch quality is our first priority as we take content curation as a task full of responsibility.
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With EduInsip, you can use the chance to see first and try next as we provide our clients with sample solutions as well. To see some of our Content Development Services you can go through these samples below.

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