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We, at EduInsip provide assessment development, provide services that include both original item creation and item cloning.Other inclusions are item alignment and item review services. As per the client’s requirements, the items/work can be delivered in word documents, excel sheets, or even professional writing software like InCopy.

We also provide the direct method to enter the content into the client-specific content management system (CMS). In our assessment services, we make sure that our clients can get everything from one place to make it easier for them while dealing with a project.

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Types of Assessment

Well, there are different types of assessments that test the learners on different bases like intellectual, problem-solving, and performance. EduInsip is professionally known for providing these assessments which include MCQs, Constructed Response, Technology-Enhanced Item (TEI), Evidence-Based Response, and so on.

We, at EduInsip, provide Multiple Choice assessments which can include passages, graphs, tables, and other items. Our experts create these assessments on the basis of clients’ requirements and make sure that the assessments are appropriate for different subjects and grades.

We prepare the Short Answer Type assessments with the inclusions of either text or photos. These assessments are prepared in order to be answered promptly. At EduInsip, we make sure that the quality of these assessments does not get compromised. We take proper care of the learners’ level while preparing these assessments.

We also create constructive response assessments for different subjects and grades from K-12. Our experts make sure that these assessments are suitable and challenging for the learners to check their thoughtful responses. In these assessments, complicated questions like rubrics and exemplars are included.

As academic content curators, EduInsip also understands the need for Performance Task Assessments for the learners. These assessments help in gaining real-life experiences and affect the point of view of learners. We create these assessments carefully in order to develop the judgment capability of the learners.

If you are looking for assessments that test your learners on the basis of technology know-how, don’t worry as we have got your back for that too. EduInsip provides you with the best quality TEI assessments, which test the learners on how good they are at computers and sharpen their knowledge accordingly.

When it comes to overall growth, the learners must also know how to provide the answers based on evidence. EduInsip makes sure that the learners get tested on the basis of their analytical skills as well. That is why we also provide our clients with Evidence-Based Assessments for different grades to ensure complete intellectual growth.

Quality Assurance

Different work requirements need different parameters to be taken under consideration. However, with various needs, we don’t let the quality of our services decrease. We closely study the clients’ specifications and provide the services accordingly. The assessments go through layers of quality checking and make sure that the services have the below-mentioned points.
  • Align to standards (CCSS, NGSS, IGCSE, State) or learning objectives.
  • Subject and concept accuracy.
  • Grade appropriateness, content validity, scenario, and language.
  • Distractors and rationales.
  • Bias free
  • Difficulty level, thinking skills, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels
  • Metadata details
  • Meet writing specification and art requirements
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EduInsip is currently providing different content items for the grades from K-12. There are designed instructions, written assessments, and localized items created by our experts. To get a better idea of how our team works, you can go through these sample assessments.

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