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Accessibility (Alt-Text Writing)

At EduInsip, we provide accessibility services that adhered to the WCAG guidelines and ADA standards. We also make sure that these services are in compliance with Section 508 to ensure the quality and reliability of the services.

Alt-text writing is a way of making digital or print content searchable and available for all. We, EduInsip, understand the need for it in modern times and provide our clients with alt text writing services as well. The quality of this content is top-notch as our experts do their research and work diligently on the projects to provide the required quality. Only the best inputs and exercises get incorporated by our experts to make sure that our clients get the best value for their trust in us.

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Alt-Text Writing Services

Our writers at EduInsip provide both short and long alt-text writing services to our valuable clients. These types depend upon the complexity of the image and the information that needs to be provided through that. Also, our experts follow the guidelines provided by our clients perfectly in order to ensure optimum satisfaction from the services. The services adhere to the standards mandatory for the work as well.

At EduInsip, we also provide image categorization services in which our experts sort the images on their level of complexity. This means the images are classified into three segments; simple, medium, and difficult. This categorization takes place according to the level of the learners or image viewers. Moreover, in cases, where the level is not clear, our experts stick to the guidelines provided by the clients. Thus, these services remain within the required statistics of the client’s needs.

Our experts are not just good but best when it comes to services related to alt texts. Therefore, if you are having issues and troubles regarding your written alt texts, EduInsip can help you in rectifying those errors. Our experts also provide reviewing and rechecking services for alt texts. In this, we check the written alt texts on the basis of the language, accuracy, and comprehensive aspects. Our experts make sure that the images and alt texts are in harmony and that the alt texts are fulfilling their purpose.

Quality Assurance

EduInsip has a team of professionals who provide alt texts services that go best with the client’s requirements. The requirements of our clients remain our first priority and our experts focus on accuracy accordingly. The alt texts are created while maintaining the mandatory standards and we provide:
  • Harmony between difficulty level and learner level
  • Subject oriented alt texts
  • In-depth and critical evaluation of images
  • Highly comprehensive information
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Experienced Researcher and Writers for Any Subjects

EduInsip takes the guidelines provided by our clients seriously. Our experienced writers, thus, research the given topic thoroughly and only the ones who are best at the subject get to create the alt texts. We understand that different subjects require different expertise and so, we make sure that our services remain reliable and authentic for our clients. Our team works hard and provides an in-depth description for the long alt texts and as for the short ones, we make sure not to miss important details.
About Orbito
About Orbito

Our Samples

EduInsip provides a clear image of the services provided by us. Thus, we have made available some samples for the alt texts services which you can check for more information.

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