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Online Tutoring And It's Benefits

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Traditional classes where students and teachers sit and learn through interactions is gradually becoming obsolete. The main reason behind this is the technological development in the education industry. The introduction of smart classes and modern technical teaching aids make the whole teaching-learning process fun-filled and easy to understand. Apart from that, the pandemic situation that occurred due to COVID-19 also showed us the importance of online classes when all the educational institutions shut down. Students and learners from all over the Globe found online classes helpful and the only way to carry on education. However, there are many more reasons to choose online courses. Here we shall be discussing some of the benefits of online teaching.

Personalised Experience

Online teaching allows both the teachers and the students to know each other more personally. As most online classes take place one to one, students find it more comfortable to open up. In groups, many students find it challenging to ask questions. They can feel shy, uncomfortable while putting their questions in front of everyone. A one to one session in an online class provides an ample opportunity to question anything the student feels asking. Besides, the teachers also can invest more time on one student at a time. A teacher can personalise the lesson according to the requirement and convenience of the student.

Comfortable and Accessible

Students and teachers can stay in their home or any other preferred location and continue with their education. They do not need to step out of their house. This is thus the best option that most learners and teachers opted for during the pandemic and is still following this. To attend such an online class, the student and teacher just need to have a proper internet connection.

Flexible with Time and Location

Most of the online classes are flexible. The teacher and student mutually decide upon the time they are willing to invest in the study. Besides, they can also decide on the class's date, type, and location and the number of students they want to teach in a group. One of the advantages of online teaching is that a teacher can stay in another place like a different state or even country and still deliver the lesson perfectly. There is no need for the student and the teacher to remain in the same place, locality, as they do not need to meet physically.

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